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Responsible consumption

Brothers Juanca, Patrick and Ian Sznak, after a trip to Pachaj Sutoc, a village in the Urubamba mountain range, they experienced the cold first-hand, that cold that comes with the enormous amount of needs that children face in communities in vulnerable situations in the Andes. Right there they decided to be changemakers, from their square meter. They set out to find some way to help improve the quality of life of high Andean children.
Sustainability is the most important!
höség is the first outdoor clothing brand in Peru.
Inspired by the "Buy One Give One" model, they decided to venture into the design and creation of a clothing brand that would deliver a jacket to a child in need in the Andes for each outerwear item sold.


We are trying to change the world by improving someone else´s life, and someone else´s, and someone else´s…
We truly believe in business as a force for good that will help people take better decisions.
We know we are the lucky ones and we are using this luck to help people that need it the most.


We develop high quality and consistent products in order to establish a relationship with people through them. We believe that the redefinition of the economy and responsible consumption will change the world in a positive way. We dream of being able to use communication, technology and our resilience to cause sustained and real impact for our stakeholders.


Höség is a peruvian for profit social enterprise. A collaborative outerwear brand that seeks to invite you to go out, to break your routine and to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors and of nature because #welookgooodwhenwehelp.

Buy One Give One

This is our first impact pillar. Hösėg was born with the goal to improve children quality of life through this impact model. For every jacket you buy, we give one for free to an Andean child living in vulnerable situation.

Buy One, Plant One

After being certified as a B corp, we decided to include an impact pillar related to the environment. Buy one Plant one has the objective of planting Andean cedars under a program run by the NGO Pachamama Raymi and its family forest program. This project aims to help recover a native tree in danger of extinction. Although they are timber forests that help families to get out of their poverty situation, this is achieved with the development of sustainable forests and certified wood.

Dignified Prison Labor

This is our newest pillar. We decided to work with Perú´s Productive jails program, it is in these workshops that we manufacture all the solidarity jackets for the children. A project that seeks to connect two communities in vulnerable situations; both inmates and children. We not only give them a paid and decent job but, in some cases, even a trade.
The next stage in this pillar is the implementation of a workshop outside the prison that works exclusively for former inmates.

B corp: Redefining the paradigm of the sense of success

Certified B Corps use market´s power to provide concrete solutions to social and environmental problems. They recognize themselves as interdependent and use business for good.
B Corps meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, and aspire to use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems.
Certified as a B corp (www.sistemab.org) since 2016. We are part of the community of companies that are seeking to redefine the meaning of the economy by working under the triple impact model: People, Planet and Profits.
In both 2017, 2018 and 2019 we received the Best for the World award.


We like to think that we are Tech for Nature driven. That is why we are always trying to improve our products and their impact through the use of sustainable materials. We try to work with organic cotton, alpaca and recycled fabrics, either Nylon or Polyester.
We know that we still have a long way to go and that we have limits but our commitment is that 100% of our manufacturing materials are sustainable by 2025.

Eco Blend a super durable jacket

Our Softshell Jackets: Eco Blend are manufactured with 100% recycled Fabric, every jacket recycles in average 20 two liter plastic bottles. Waterproof and windbreaker.
Shelters a child.

Pop Jackets: Super light and 100% sustainable

Super light Down Jacket manufactured with 100% recycled Nylon, filling with DownPass certificate. Water repellant and wind breaker.
Shelters a child

Our reversible Kids Pop Jackets

Reversible jackets manufactured with 100% recycled Fabric; every jacket recycles in average 12 two-liter plastic bottles.
Shelters a child

Trek, Swim, Surf, Ride: Hosegs new sustainable Wet Shorts

Launched our wet shorts manufactured with 100% recycled fabric. Because its our responsibility to keep our oceans and rivers clean.

Our Footprint

In an attempt to mitigate our footprint in this world, we partnered with Nature Services Peru and Regenera to better understand the footprint of our operations. In 2017, after studying our footprint, we bought carbon offsets in Shipietari, part of the buffer zone in the Manu National Reserve, which is constantly threatened by extractive industries.

Our Code Of Conduct

REFUSE - We refuse to not look for a way to do things differently, consciously. We refuse to take the high road. We look for all possible avenues to have the least possible negative impact in the environment and society. Our team constantly research new techniques and fabrics that are more environmentally friendly and use this research to brainstorm new clothing designs.

REDUCE - We look for ways to reduce our negative impact throughout our products’ life cycle so you can keep consuming but more responsibly.

REPURPOSE - We always look for ways to repurpose someone elses’ outputs. We want to give life to what others consider waste.

REPAIR - In time, we want to be able to offer you repair services, extending the life of your hoseg product. If we cannot repair it, we will recycle it and give it a new purpose!

RECYCLE - We have started to use recycled fabric in our designs. We ensure that the recycled fabric satisfies our technical specifications, so we can keep our promise to offer high quality product.