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Ubuntu – The common good is our own good

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An anthropologist who was studying the manners and customs of a tribe in South Africa proposed a game to the local children. He got a good portion of fruits and sweets that he brought from the city, and placed them in a basket under a tree. He called the children and told them that whoever ran to the tree first would win the basket with fruits and sweets.

When the anthropologist gave the signal for them to run, the children immediately held hands and ran together towards the basket. Then everyone sat down and handed out the sweets and enjoyed the fruits. When he asked them why they all went together, if only one could have won the whole basket, they replied:

How could one of us be happy
if everyone else is sad?

Ubuntu is a South African philosophy focused on empathy and loyalty with people, teaching us that the common good becomes our own good. It arises from the popular saying "Umuntu, nigumuntu, nagumuntu" which in Zulu means "a person is a person because of others."

This philosophy allows us to reflect on our individualism and advocates teamwork, solidarity and the power of working collectively. In addition, it includes trust, sharing and the resignification of who we are as a society. This will allow us to enjoy a better relationship with ourselves, with others and with the environment because we are all under the same sky, we are all under the same sun.

We can start with small changes
Do you join the ubuntu spirit?