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What do I do now?! Not buy clothes ever again, I throw them all away, only buy sustainable brands? Help! Sometimes I find myself in a bit of a crisis when I think about all the things that I have to change in my life if I want to contribute positively to the planet. For example, when I open my closet, I wonder when was I tricked into thinking that it was necessary to have so many pants, so many sweaters, so many shirts, and I hardly wear half of them. So, what do I do now?

Breathe, what's done is done and now we can only move forward. When it comes to sustainability in fashion, the best we can do for the environment right now is: Use the clothes that are already in our closets. We do not need to have a different outfit every time we go out, it is even trendy now to be an "outfit repeater".

Why spend money on more clothes when we can spend it on experiences?

And when those new amazing experiences come for which we need new clothes, because let´s be realistic, if we are climbing up to a snowy peak, the knitted sweater granny gave us for Christmas is not going to do the job, then lets commit ourselves into searching for a company that makes the clothes we need and ask ourselves, does it contribute to the planet in some way?

Let's look for companies that ADD. Companies that have some social and environmental conscience, and whose’ sole purpose is not profitability. If we can buy a shirt from a company that you know is committed to one or more of these:

  1. 1. Fair payment to employers
  2. 2. Planting trees
  3. 3. Not using animal products
  4. 4. Using sustainable materials
  5. 5. Ditching single-use plastic
  6. 6. Going #ZeroWaste
  7. 7. Contributing to the community

Why would we buy a t-shirt from a company that is not doing any of that?

The good news is that consumer awareness of the environmental impact of our purchases is growing and demanding companies to change their practices. At the same time every day there are more companies also aware of their impact providing new options to help us have a responsible, generous, less selfish and more collaborative closets.

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