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We are grateful for our growing community, so as part of our commitment with you, today we share a new project that fill us with excitement.

This last year we have learned that it’s easy to be overwhelmed with negative news, but at the same time there are incredible things happening around the world, and that-s why we want to create a platform to focus on those and share them with our social heaters. Relevant news for all of us who are trying to make a positive change in our life and communities.

We know that collaboration makes everything better, so we teamed-up with Andrea Martens, hösėg ambassador since our beginning, who has allowed us to accompany her along her journey discovering the world and also discovering herself, which led her to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Together we have created a segment in our Blog called Göod Sustainable News, a space where she will share positive notes about innovations happening around the world related to sustainability such as recycling, clothing and food.

We hope that this will spark conversations and inspire you to make positive changes in your life.

Here’s Andrea’s Bio so you can learn a little bit more about her. We invite you to follow her on Instagram: @mowgli_travels.

¡Take care!

Bio Andrea Martens

When I realized that the more my professional dreams were coming true, the more unhappy I was getting, I went into a deep emotional crisis: What the hell had happened? I was achieving much of what I had dreamed of since school, yet I was more unhappy than ever. I needed some time off.

I put aside five years of industrial engineering and six years of corporate work, quit my job and dedicated my hours to finding something that I enjoyed and cared about. In the middle of this search, I made an impulse decision to go alone to Africa for 2 months, that was more than 5 years ago and I never returned.

Over time my journey transformed from being a physical one, traveling to different places, to an inner more introspective journey, discovering who I really was.

I went from communicating about how to travel as a backpacker to how to have a more aligned life: where what I think, what I say and what I do have more coherence.

I stopped eating animals, I started to buy second-hand clothes, to try to avoid single-use plastic, to seek to collaborate and promote companies that have a social and environmental impact, and every day I continue trying to make more and more changes.

If we can spend our days doing something that we are really passionate about, why would we choose not to? If we can live a life where we have a positive impact on other living beings and on nature, why would we choose not to? If by making others happy, we make ourselves happier, why would we choose not to?