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hösėg started as many entrepreneurships, full of expectations, and as we moved forward, we learned that the road wouldn’t be easy and that the support of allies would be key in order to reach our goals.

A friend motivated us to participate for the Kunan prize (thank you!) and we ended being among the 10 finalists. Even though we didn’t get to the Big Finale, we captured the interest of Michael Holme from Help Peru, who was presenting that year the Sierra prize as part of the Kunan event and ended choosing hösėg as the winner. What we valued the most from that experience was the chance to validate the project that we had been working so hard on, and also winning Help Peru’s trust. We are especially grateful for Michael’s vision about the potential of an idea created with a lot of passion by three brothers.

Help Peru is an organization dedicated for many years to collect funds to help other organizations that generate impact in vulnerable communities. We are very grateful and proud of the impact we have generated thanks to their support. A while ago we asked Michael how did Help Peru felt about their alliance with hösėg:

"Help Peru and hösėg have grown together. We have shared many challenges and also our experiences in order to keep growing and expand our impact. Help Peru feels very proud of the support we give them and have a special connection with their founders and the challenges they have raised."

Help Peru has been supporting hösėg since 2016, they have been by our side almost since the beginning and have helped us more than they can: they are probably the ally that has donated more solidary jackets, they have been there in the most difficult times and have also given us tools to help us keep growing as an organization.

We invite you to visit the web and social networks of Help Peru to learn more about their great work and support them, if possible. From here we will keep working to generate new ideas and projects aligned to our impact’s growth and Peru’s development. Finally, we hope this story inspires new alliances because we know that through collaboration, we can achieve greater things.