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Work from home, Home learning, Happy Zoom birthdays… new routines that have become part of our lives and will continue to be, at least for a while.

This new normality demands new necessities. That’s why in hösėg, we decided to embrace change and designed a new product that responds to this new context. A flexible, comfortable, all-purpose product, adaptable to any occasion, and most important, made in a sustainable way, listening to the warning sign the planet has been sending us.

We present you our new launch: OUR FIRST WETSHORTS COLLECTION. A short and a bathing suit in one product. A boardshort for the city, a boardshort for every moment.

Functional design:

  • we incorporated pockets and a zipper to make it more comfortable for non-water activities
  • Its quick dry fabric makes it perfect for getting in the water and quickly continuing with other activities
  • Bungee tech that makes it 4 way stretch
  • lightweight and easy to carry thanks to it’s travel size storing bag

Sustainable design with positive impact:

  • 100% recycled RPET fabric from fishing nets, helping to reduce waste take care of our planet
  • This product is part of our "Buy one, Plant One" line: for each wetshort sold, we plant an andean cedar in Omacha, Cusco through the collaboration with Pachamama Raymi

If you also want to embrace change, this product is for you. Discover our new collection here: