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We never imagine, not in 1000 years that we would be living something like this. Today, in some way, the world has stopped, and many of us feel scared, anxious and worried.

In hösėg, we related to these feelings, so we decided to use the pause to breath, recharge, reflect and focus on how we can face the future in a better way. There is no doubt that the pandemic has brought many sufferings, but we are sure that in balance, there will be a positive outcome. We have the opportunity to reflect and reconsider our planet and nature with more respect, treating them as a subject instead of an object, which is what we’ve been doing for a very long time. Let’s also take this as an opportunity to change our consumption habits to become more responsible and conscious of our effect on the planet and people.

Hösėg is a collaborative clothing brand, created to generate positive impact. This is why we designed a tree-shirt to remind us how much the planet needed this pause. It is in a way like a souvenir of this year, but in a positive way, with a new view, a more sustainable and balanced view.

PAUSA tree-shirt*

“Y mientras nosotros estamos encerrados, las aguas vuelven a cristalizarse, el aire se despeja, los árboles dejan de ser talados y los animales podrán habitar en paz por un tiempo. La naturaleza es tan mágica que ella misma esta limpiándose del mal que le hicimos. Estamos viviendo algo histórico: El año en que la tierra solita obligó al mundo a detenerse”

*We call our t-shirts tree-shirts because they are part of our Buy One, Plant One impact line: for every product you buy, we will plant a Andean cedar in Omacha, Cusco with the help of Pachamama Raymi.